How To Create A Simple Beautiful Table Setting

Simplistic white tablesetting. Photo by Shirley Byrd of anns-liee

Simplistic white tablesetting. Photo by Shirley Byrd of anns-liee

My admiration for luxuriously dressed table settings never ceases. It’s visual setting invites your eyes to feast on sparkling decorative centerpieces such as abundant floral bouquets surrounded by staged-prop like characters of supporting ornaments. Yes, traditionally we reserve such displays for special occasions and holidays. As a food photographer over the years, I’ve experimented with and explored all sorts of table settings to enhance food presentations. I’ve found that a simplistic table setting has it’s own beauty in that it invites peace and calm to the heart and soul.

But how do you create a simplistic tablesetting that is not drab and boring?

Anatomy of A Beautiful Simple Table setting

Here’s what I’ve discovered how to create an inviting table setting that sparkles; yet, it’s calming and invites introspection.

  • Select a neutral color scheme for linen tablecloths and napkins. White is always a safe color, particularly when paired with white everyday chinaware. But other colors can are also suitable when selected on the lighter spectrum, such as a sky or robin-egg blue and buttery yellow. Reds, even pink, will excite the senses and thus may not be a good choice.

  • Stay away from linen with patterns. If, however, you love patterns select wide ones, such as a very broad striped pattern. Select patterned fabrics that are soft and light. A floor length tablecloth with a pattern design then topped with a solid complimentary table top is a classic and timeless combination. And yes, of course, it can and should be used for everyday dining, especially when the table is bit tacky. Give some class!

  • Select solid color chinaware. You can always add a little more interest in the serving pieces such as in the shapes and use varying shapes too. If you do want designs within the serving pieces, keep it simple.

With all these solid, soft neutral colors, accent it with a touch of spark.

  • If flowers or a flower isn’t your thing or just don’t have any at the time of the meal, still always keep an interesting vase or even a lovely sculpture that fits the theme as the centerpiece.

  • Invest in interesting practical flatware. In my photo at the top of the post, I used my gold flatware for serving French mini coffee chocolate cakes. I don’t use them every day because they have to be hand-washed.

  • For a little interest, add serving pieces that have a different design, such as an antique pieces. But the serving pieces should also complement the flatware.

  • Place centerpieces, tableware and line in a deliberate symmetry or asymmetry style rather than just a random manner.

In Summary

Whether you’re eating alone, with family or guest, a simple beautiful table setting can be easily created. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Keep the table setting simple with a little spark for interest.

Enjoy your meal. Enjoy the beauty of a well-dressed table

that invites calm, peace, and a feeling of endless time.

Eating a French mini cake. Photo by Shirley Byrd of anns-liee

Eating a French mini cake. Photo by Shirley Byrd of anns-liee