Me - Low Key ShootingV4-4938.png


I'm an amateur food photographer who loves to cook and write about living in small spaces.  I fell into food photography by way of shooting food for my blog.

Color, form, and the structure of food fascinate me.  If I could go cart through the winding layers of a red onion to reach its green, unripe innards, I think I would.  That's the part of me who photographs food purely as an art form.

When shooting food for my food blog, I want you to see the juicy details of food texture and color--even the runny fat or oil or water or flavor inviting liquids.  And I want you to want to take a bite, consider licking your computer screen or take the adventure of making that dish yourself.  If I have moved you to entertain just one of these thoughts, then my food image was a success.