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Perhaps, Had He Brought Me Flowers

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Forgive me, this is not exactly a post about a relationship between two people. It’s a post about our relationships with flowers or just a flower. As some one once said, “flowers are the sunshine to our souls.” There are so many beautiful and natural things in the world to admire and swoon over. Flowers are one of them. The nicest part is that you don’t really need a lot of space or even a lot of money to enjoy flowers and bring some sunshine to your soul.

In my small apartment, hardly a week goes by when I don’t bring home fresh flowers, a bouquet or even a single flower. In this post, if you are not already doing so, I hope to inspire you to do the same.

In my mind, a single flower can touch the heart and alter one’s mood. A single flower in a glass jar or small vase is casual and homey.

Seems some one was out picking Queen Anne Lace flowers! Have fun and group several small vases each with a single flower, then place them on the window sill.

Casa Blanca Lilly 050.png

Wanna’ learn more about prolonging the life of cut flowers? See my post on 15 Fragrant Flowers And How To Prolong Their Cut Life

A small bouquet of flowers of the same type can make a big impact.

Garage sales and second hand stores are a great place to find vases to introduce that “country like” feel, particularly in a shabby chic or very casual decor.

The usual place to display flowers is on the dining table. But there are so many other great locations.

Display a bouquet of flowers on a coffee table:

Wake up to a flower or bouquet of flowers placed on a night table.

In Summary

Small space living is the perfect space for bringing in a “sunshine” to your soul! Even the smallest budget deserves at least a single flower in a vase. Many grocery stores and farmers markets carry flowers, making them inexpensive.


With Pink Rose-7899.jpg

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