5 Simple To Do's For A Spring Decor

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OMG! It’s spring and I’m so ready for it. Being outdoors more often and enjoying the best weather activities calls to my heart. Spring also prompts me to want to turn my apartment inside out bringing in fresh colors, fresh smells, and fresh ideas. Here’s how I start this wonderful annual tradition.

5 Simple To Do's For A Spring Decor

  1. Spring cleaning, of course

  2. Bring in light and airy colors of spring in accessories such as decorative pillows, a throw,

  3. Bouquets of spring flowers for the dining table, cocktail table, window sills, kitchen counters and more.

  4. Introduce candles or incense that emit a fresh fragrance throughout your space

  5. Greet yourself and your neighbors with a spring door wreath. That’s right, a door wreath.

  1. Spring cleaning, of course

My grandmother like most women made spring cleaning an absolute ritual. Curtains were taken down and washed. All windows, screens and window sills were washed and made to shine. Blankets were washed and stored. The season was greeted with sheets being hung outside under a beautiful sunny day. Floors were cleaned with extra attention, such scrubbing out corners and then polished. Nothing in the house escaped her scrutiny and scrub brush. At the end of a long weekend of scrubbing and cleaning, we enjoyed a very special dinner that ended with bringing out the last of a canned fruit folded into a cake.

I can’t seem to manage such a thorough cleaning over a weekend. But I do apply extra cleaning over to refresh my small space.

2. Insert Light and airy colors

Bring in light and airy colors in decorative accessories, such as decorative throw pillow. Invest in covers that reflect the season. It doesn’t have to be a seasonal cover for all of your throw pillows, just one could reference the season.

Source blog   Carrie Bradshaw Lied

3. Add bouquets of fresh spring flowers

Spring flowers are available in grocery stores, floral shops, and gardens. You can purchase them in an elaborate arrangement, a lovely bouquet, and even a simple style. There is something very delightful about bringing home bags of groceries that include flowers and the act of putting them in a vase filled with water. There’s that special moment of admiring the flowers, especially smelling their fragrance.

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4. Introduce candles or incense that emit a fresh fragrance throughout your space

Open windows can bring in long-awaited fresh air after being shut all winter. Of course, if you live near an industrial area or a heavily populated city, the fresh air may not smell so fresh. Whether you’re surrounded by nature or urban trappings, fragrant candles and incense are great options.

5. Add a spring door wreath

Now that your small space is fresh and ready for spring, add a finishing touch with a beautiful and inviting spring door wreath. You’ll smile as you put the key in the lock, even after a dull or chaotic day. Make it a DIY project or purchase a ready-made door wreath.

DIY door wreath from   Dreamery Events

DIY door wreath from Dreamery Events

For more ideas on a door wreath that complements your taste, check out my Pinterest board:

Do you have special to do’s for spring that refresh your small space?