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17 Small Classy Dining Rooms To Inspire You

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Small space living begs to be dressed in style and sophistication, in short—class. In my opinion, whether the dining area is part of the kitchen, is a breakfast nook or occupies a dedicated space, the dining room area is the perfect space. The sum of a classy dining room is more than just a table and chairs but it’s the accessories that convey the feeling of stylish, sophisticated dining room.

Translucent furnishings are always classy and they’re available in a wide range of pieces from chairs to tables to lighting. See Translucent Furniture is Sexy.

And please, don’t forget to add a tablecloth and cloth napkins!! You deserve to treat yourself—and any day you feel like it!

I love this tiny space where the owner squeezed in a small table to hold lovely accessories, books, a plant, and a table lamp. From the painting on the wall to the crystal chandelier to round pedestal table and the mirrored side table this small dining room screams eclectic with class.

Wall mirrors are a great way to suggest a small space is larger.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a brick accent wall to add just a touch of that New York industrial loft feel. Faux brick wall panels are available and they’re easily applied. The photo below perfectly illustrates achieving the warmth of a brick wall as the backdrop to a very sophisticated grouping of a table, settee, and chairs.

I confess I could just die in this dining room!! Well, perhaps dying is too extreme. How about I just literally live in this room classy dining room. The faux brick wall (I’m guessing it’s faux), the bank of seatings with those lovely blue accent pillows, the stylish chandelier and table all come together for a soft, casually elegant dining room.

Cacti are just always too scary for me. But I could almost forgive the designer for this inviting and casually classy dining room. It’s the dark slate blue walls, the large poster in a gilded frame, the fun of an industrial style table and of course, the softness of a faux fur throw that brings it all together for me to declare this a classy dining room.

So how would you describe your small space dining?

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