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11 Ghoulish But Classy Fun Halloween Wreaths

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It’s that scary time of the year when doors, tables, and windows are dressed in their ghouly best! From pumpkin horror cut faces to loose skeletal heads and bodies lying around to greet you to fake spiders and web hangings.

I once decorated an apartment door with fake spider webbing hanging over the top of the front door. I made black spiders and bugs from fuzzy pipe cleaners. When I would arrive home from work, I was always startled and would cringe at how realistic it all looked. I kid you not! After three days, I just couldn’t take it any more and had to take down the fake web, the big black creepy fuzzy-legged spiders, and weird looking bugs. I now stick to a placard that says “The Witch Is In or Out” or just a Halloween wreath similar to designs you’ll find in these examples of these goulish but classy Halloween wreaths.

Creepy skull wreath by Made In A Day

Creepy skull wreath by Made In A Day

Halloween wreaths can, of course be purchased, others are fun do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Just shop at a craft store, pick out some fun ghouly goodies, then screech with laughter all the way home. Make it a family or friend project weekend with lots of ghouly music, snacks and drinks.

A Halloween wreath rich with black feathers and a black crow would probably not scare your visitors. It will indeed bring a lovely smile to their face. Then again, wouldn’t it be hilarious if you added a nice screech that came from the crow?!

DIY project:   source

DIY project: source

Not scared yet?  Try a hoard of blood-shot eyeballs looking back at you as you try to ring the doorbell!

This lovely, simple, and fun black burlap wreath is actually a DIY creation from Craft A Holics  

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Come on now, not scared yet?

Minimalist and classy, by now you may have noticed I lean towards black feather wreaths, they are definitely my favorite Halloween door wreaths, such as this pair. Don’t you just love this one guarded by three black ravens.

What a lovely idea to use black artificial roses on a twig wreath!

Welcome to my home, if you dare to enter. Because Shirley, the Witch is in.

Witch Shirley is in Plack_3371.jpg

Do I love you, Dear Reader?