How to Create A Beautiful White Studio Apartment- 17 Examples


How To Create a White Studio Apartment, but First What is a Studio Apartment?

It's sometimes referred to as an efficieny apartment, a studio flat or even a bachelor apartment.  I'll just add, let's also call it a bachelorette apartment.  Typically, it's a one-room space averaging 500 square feet, or even less.  Most often, it has a one large or two windows on one end of the room, a small space allocated for a kitchen and bathroom with a door.

From my experience, studio apartments were dark and horribly decorated.  They were the kind of spaces you just slept in and escape to the outdoor world as much as possible.  Thank heaven that's no longer true!!  

Here are 17 examples of white studio apartments that beautifully illustrate one decorating option:  how to create a white studio apartment.   

In the first image above, it's easy to point out that every major element is white white--the walls, the bed, the ottoman, the sofa, the kitchen, the floor, and the sheer drapery room divider.  The stainless steel appliances add to the almost sterile feel of the room.  Pops of colors are found in the accessories that break up the bold whiteness, such as the bed throw and the gallery of framed photos.  But note too, this white white room has a wonderful soft and peaceful feel to it.  No clutter to crowd your thoughts.

Elements of Glamour

If glamour is what you like, then in these next three images note the white background, again in the major elements.  Glamour is found in the copper light fixture, the smoky glass tables, contemporary throw pillows, and art on the wall.  The plants inject a bit of nature and the unmade made, luxuriating in lots of pillows, blankets and a comforter that flow across the bed.

Here, the dining table is dressed with a floor length tablecloth which always suggests a bit of glam--and class.  The kitcen is small but elegantly noted with modern elements:  marbling on the wall, stainless steel appliance and hood, simple white cabinetry.

Elements that Bring In Decorating Interests

Yet again, more white white in major elements--walls, flooring, sofa, etc.  But look again.  Accessories bring in the pops of color.  Look even closer and you'll find contemporary elements that inject interesting designs:  the ceiling light fixture, the floor lamps and a fun set of stack chairs.

Even that one very special piece, like a gorgeous glass chandelier, and yes, long, long sheer white draperies from ceiling to floor turns a white room into dramatic decor.

Finding Closet Space

Studio apartments may not always have closets.  And let's be practical, one needs a place to hang clothes.  One popular way to solve this issue is simple to make a clothes rack a part of the decor.  Here, a clothes rack serves as a divider.  It works because, the rack is nicely organized and not overly cramed with clothes that appear disheaveled.

Did you notice the full-length mirror on the wall, beautifully giving reflections and adding light to the room?

Natural wood in the table and shelves grounds this white white studio apartment.  The wall lamp add a touch of architectural element and interest.  It certainly grabs visual attention.

As in the images of the white studio apartments above and the ones to follow, you'll find decor elements that make the rooms stand out as interesting, comfortable lived in and calming. 

Can you point out all the elements that give this white studio apartment its dreamy, comforting feel?

In Summary

To create a beautiful white studio apartment, add white in major elements, such as walls, beddings, seatings and room dividers.  That's pretty obvious.  But if a too white room feels to sterile, here's how to mitigate that:

  • Add pops of color in the accessories
  • Add elements of glamour in the accessories, if that is your taste
  • create a gallery wall and add large pieces of art that have warm colors
  • Add floor to ceiling sheer draperies at the windows or as a room divider, especially between the 'bedroom' and the 'living room.'
  • No closet?  Incorporate a free-standing clothes rack BUT keep the clothes organized, cleaned and pressed, color coordinated and hanging straight.
  • Bring in nature with plants and flower arrangements.
  • Keep elements around that one window simple and not crowding out the light
  • Replace the ceiling light with a dramatically architectural chandelier.  (But keep the original ceiling light and re-install it when you move.  Don't leave your beautiful chandelier.)  
  • Use storage to eliminate or at least reduce clutter.
  • If you have or can't get a white flooring, add a throw rug or even an area rug.  (see my post  Is It Okay To Put An Area Rug On A Carpet?)

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