How To Create Rooms With Pops Of Color 21 Examples

How to create rooms with pops of color comes down to 1) contrast and 2) placement of the focal color—the color that pops.  In other words, select any color (light, medium or dark) as the primary background color.  Against that background splash in another color or colors. 

I selected these 21 rooms to illustrate just that.  Now, admittedly, these are large, glamorous rooms--not small living spaces.  That really doesn't matter.  The same principles would be applied but on a smaller scale.

When the background color palate is white

Constrast idea:  Embrace a white palatte, then pop color into the room using accessories or furniture pieces such as pillows or a sofa.  Note how in the images above and below, the hot pink acts like a neon light set against the white walls.  

Even this green velvet sofa stands out, masterfully balancing the simple but dramatic art work.

Placement Idea:  Add a pop of color on the interior of a bookcase or open cabinet.  Even an Ikea piece of furniture can be hacked by adding a pop of color to the back of an open bookcase.  No, I don't think the bookcase below is from Ikea.  But that's what came to mind with the thought of a tight budget in small space living. 

Placement idea:  Look to window treatment, even window frames, to add that pop of color in a light netural palate. 

Placement idea:  Add dramatic art, bold and bright to capture that pop of color in a room.

Placement idea:  Paint a furniture piece, especially a piece of furniture that has an interesting shape, design or is a period piece.

Color Contrast idea:  Create a bold palate of colors, making a group of furniture pieces, accessories and art that pop with colors.

Or Select A favorite Color for a Background  

If a light neutral background with a pop of color is not you, paint the walls in your preferred color (which becomes the neutral color) and contrast it with your favorite color pop.

Dark Neutral Background Color Idea

Dark walls may equally present a bold background (neutral) color against which a pop of color in the room is punctuated.

In Summary

I honestly believe just because a living space is small, there is no reason it can't be stylish, exciting and beautifully comforting.  That's why I also look to larger rooms for inspiration on how to achieve a desired decor and mood.  Decor elements in these rooms can always be scaled down.  And that's just another way on how to create rooms with colors that pop by adopting some of these methods:

  • Paint the walls a solid color, the background, in white, some other neutral color 
  • Use accessories or furniture pieces such as an upholstered sofa or chair, painted chest or table, pillows and throw blankets
  • Bring in bold dramatic art
  • If you hunger for color, don't be afraid to apply splashes and splashes of bold colors (against a solid background

Go forth, be bold!

For more inspirations, follow my Pinterest board on Living Room - Small Spaces