Consider The Bistro Style For Small Space Dining



Almost every morning, when the weather is nice, right after feeding and walking the dog, I get a glass of orange juicepaddle off to my apartment balcony, a bench, my bistro table and collect my thoughts.  Spring through fall, that's where I dine bistro style -- breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and a coffee.  

On my laptop, I research and write posts on my favorite topic, living in small spaces.  Or I research articles about food, make plans and budget for my next dish.  My bistro table is double glassed with a short table cloth under the top glass. The table cloth gives me color and texture, the glass makes it easy to clean the top.

The Bistro Table and Chair History

The history of bistro dining is a bit  "controversial," ranging from the Russian occupation of France around 1815 when Cossack solders demanded food 'bystro' ("quickly") to French landlords supplementing their income selling simple meals from their kitchens to French taverns also serving simple meals along with wines and coffees.  (see Wiki.)

By the 1920's, in France, bistro dining had become synonymous with serving a quaint, simple meal for two. It remains one of the most popular table style dining, serving two even up to four people both indoors and outdoors.  

The original table design had legs that folded which complemented the accompanying chairs that also folded. Later, modern designs had stationery legs, an array of materials such as metal or wood or plastic, and colors to complete any decor.  

A bistro table and chair set can be very expensive or just down right cheap when purchased at consignment shops and garage sales.  My neighbor actually found a classic French bistro table and chair at a dumpster!  It's similar to the one below: 

my paradissi

my paradissi


  • Keep it simple for a casual or cottage look.
  • Add a simple vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit,  a candle.
  • Mix and match the pieces for an eclectic or bohemian look:
  • Take it up a notch with a themed ambiance.  Throw on a table top or floor length table cloth and a lovely set up china.

For all you indoor only dwellers, check out these ideas for inspiration!


In Summary

  • Keep it simple for a casual or cottage look.
  • Add a simple vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit,  a candle.
  • A bistro set can be adopted for any decor style, such as modern or traditional or eclectic
  • A bistro set can easily be moved around
  • Consider a folding set and get a couple of them, one for every day but squeeze in the second one for the occasional dining of more than two

So my question to you is this: "Do you have a small space dining area?" 
Next question:  "Need or want to give it more pizzazz?"
If you answered yes to both questions,  well then, are you considering a bistro dining style?