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Image was with storage bench

First used in the Ottoman Empire, from which it gets its name, the ottoman

was the central piece of family seating and was piled with cushions. In Europe, the ottoman was first designed as a piece of fitted furniture that wrapped around three walls of a room. The ottoman evolved into a smaller version that fit into the corner of a room.

My compelling case to buy an ottoman are that

  • there are a wide range of styles and sizes making the ottoman excellent furnishings for small space living;
  • they're mobile and can be moved around;
  • ottomans make great extra seating ares, especially for entertaining;
  • they can function as a cocktail table;
  • some styles include storage areas;
  • there's a style for any room--to a dining table; at the foot of a bed; in the living room; even in a hallway; and
  • they're great furnishings that can add color and texture to a decor.

Check out just some of styles of ottoman

From Joss & Main

From Joss & Main

From Thomasville

From Thomasville

from Henrendon

from Henrendon

The visual appeal, comfort and practical use of the ottoman is almost endless, making it very easy to adapt to your lifestyle and taste.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, they can be moved around with great ease.  They're easy to find ready made.  But if you add a little more to the budget, you can purchase custom made ottomans from many of your major fine furniture stores. 

If you're relatively near (or even a phone call away) a Calico Corner store, you may be surprised that they offer quality custom furniture, as well as a broad selection of fabric.

Custom made by   Calico Corners

Custom made by Calico Corners

Yes, a small living room can be accommodated with an oversized ottoman!

Here an ottoman adds a delicious pop of color to a somewhat neutral decor:

Need some space to stack your current books for reading?

Indeed, space in this small space living room is tight; yet, an ottoman stored under a table provides extra seating when needed.  Note how it gives more texture and pattern to the small space.

In this coastal decor, the ottoman again illustrates its versatility as additional seating, a coctail table and offering the important role of adding color and texture to the decor.

In Summary

Living in small spaces means every piece of furniture is an important piece.  Consider pieces of furniture that are multi-functional such as the ottoman.  It provides seating; a flat surface to serve or even store items on it; can add storage space; and color and texture to complete the decor scheme.

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