Storage Bench Seats Are Really Cool! Here's Why.

This is what makes storage benches great ideas for small space living

  • You get that desperately needed storage space -- an absolute must have in small space living.  
  • Storage benches are versatile in what can be stored in them from books and files to pillows and throw blankets to kitchen items to childrens' toys and more.
  • They can be used in any room: a kitchen seating bench, a foot board at the end of a bed, and a window seat. 
  • Stand alone storage bench seats are mobile, ready to be moved to your next living space or just another room where you live.
  • There are a wealth of designs both ready made, custom made and even do-it-yourself designs to fit your needs and decor scheme.
  • Color, color and more color (or less color) and patterns to calm your wild spirit or kick start it.
  • You have almost infinite choices for materials from wood to textiles.  
  • They're simple great investments.  A well constructed, well designed storage bench seat will last and look beautiful for many years to come.

What a beautiful way to store children's toys:

This lovely Ikea hack with a bench was used to create this reading nook for a little girl. 

No, I didn't mistake the bench below as a storage bench.  Clearly, it's not.  But just image adding a storage bench to a dining table.

This dining area corner bench is part of a make over for a home.  But notice just how small the area is and the use of a module system to create the corner bench--ideas for making this perfect for apartment and small space living.

Even small sections from a large project can be used, such as this breakfast nook (great for small space living) with a storage bench.  This is a Home Depot project.  So don't overlook shopping even at home improvement stores.

Styled as a kitchen banquet bench, this seating-storage design makes very efficient use of every inch in small space.  It's a built in bench, however, a search for a module unit makes a great substitution.

Storage benches can add a fabulouos colors to suit your personal taste.  If you can't find that color and pattern that's just right for reflecting who you are, you can alway have a bench reupholstered or a cushion to the bench re-covered.

Imagine sitting on a similar closed-in balcony having a meal and admiring a city view or better yet, nature.  The storage bench on this balcony is built in but of course a moveable module storage bench would serve just as well.  If you didn't know how much I love decorating and living on the porch, see my post Tip And Inspirations For Your Apartment Balcony And Porch Decor.  

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