Dramatize A Focal Wall With Modern Quilt Wall Hangings

Several years ago, I lived in Mount Dora. Every year, this tiny town in central Florida every year hosts a street art show that attracts 300,000 plus people.  Artists and art seekers come from all over the U.S., even from places in Europe.  It was at that art festival that I saw my first modern quilt wall hanging.  I remember standing in front of the quilt awe struck by intricate design and exquisite needlework.  This wasn't my grandma's quilt of patchwork, I thought!  Before you dismiss the idea of a quilt hanging on your wall, let me introduce you to a few of them.

Geometric Modern Wall Quilts:

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A few notes on quilts as wall hangings:

  • Fabric will of course fade or wear thin when exposed to the UV rays of the sun over a period of time. You'll need to take this into account when selecting the best place in your apartment home. 
  • If you have low or very little lighting in your home, a color-rich modern quilt wall hanging will give you the greatest impact and drama.
  • Modern quilt wall hangings will cozy up a room.  In a very large room, it will really bring the furnishings and adjoining walls together in a more cohesive way.
  • For a contemporary appeal, such as the first photo above, abstract designs are more complementary.
  • Of course, for a cottage or beach style, go for representational designs, such as landscapes.
  • Here's a great tutorial on How To hang A Quilt at Amy A La Mode blog.

If you're looking to add interest, drama and something out of the ordinary, then do take a look at modern quilt wall hangings.  For more ideas on adding interest and drama to your walls, read my post on Why Are You Looking At Boring White Walls!

Contemporary Still Life Designs:

Traditional quilt designs continue to be created.  Many combine traditional with a more contemporary design, particularly those that reflect still life.

Some lucky baby is already being introduced to great quilt art work!

Do you already have a modern quilt hanging on your wall? 


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