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Fruity Nutty Salad With Orange Ginger Vinaigrette
Pork Loin Roast Recycled In A Thick Broccoli Soup

The second best dish to a delicious pork loin roast is a leftover pork loin roast recycled in a thick broccoli soup! Key to this splendid meal is a juicy-cooked pork loin roast to begin with, then fresh vegetables sauteed left to swim in canned broccoli soup with two cups of water. Serve hot with a fresh baked harvest bread.

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Gazpacho-Like Salad

If you love the flavor of chilled gaspacho soup but don't really have the time to make it, just quickly chop and mix together the fresh summer vegetables found in your favorite gaspacho. Chill it.  Serve as a side salad or main dish with fresh bread and a nice salty ham.  I chose freshly baked Italian Paesono bread and prosciutto.  

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Coleslaw With Napa Cabbage

Coleslaw is an old Dutch cabbage salad that is normally served with a vinagrete.  I've taken the . . . .

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Shrimp Bacon Salad

My shrimp and bacon salad is what I call a refrigerator raided salad:  standing in front of the refrigerator with door wide open deciding on something quick, easy and filling.  I always have a bag of shrimps in the freezer,  bacon in the fridge, and a bowl of lemons on the kitchen counter.  This is my quick, go-to salad.  

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Cucumber Mango Salad Boat

Deliciously refreshing salad includes English cucumber, mango, feta cheese and red onion is tossed in a garliky ranch-style dressing.  Heaping spoon fulls of the salad is then layered on a romaine lettuce leaf in the style of boat.  More flavor is added with the topping of alfalfa-radish sprouts.  Healthy and filling makes this is a great light lunch with a dinner role or even a side salad.

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My Manhattan Clam Chowder

It's still clam season.  And I finally got around to making one of my favorite clam dishes:  My Manhattan Clam Chowder.  It departs from the traditional one in that I include baby spinach cut julienne style.  Still, it packs all the other wonderful flavors of a Manhattan clam chowder and it is loaded with fresh littleneck clams.

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Pan-Grilled Warm Salad And Yogurt Dressing

Serve up a warm and crunchy salad with five favorite vegetables:  romaine lettuce, yellow bell pepper, yellow onions, yellow squash and broccoli.  Top it with a garlicy yogurt dressing and lemon zest.  And you have served up a plate of deliciousness.  It is great as a meal all by itself or as a side dish to a hearty meal.

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Sausage Beans Roasted Vegetable Soup

What makes this sausage, beans and roasted vegetable soup so delicious?  Red bell peppers, tomatoes and garlic are roasted, then blended with a vegetable broth and seasoned with a herb bouquet garni--creating a beautifully rich yet subtle flavor-filled soup base.  Sweet Italian sausage and a Vidalia onion add a layer of sweetness and texture along with cannellini beans.

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