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How To Flavor Up Store-Bought Cookies

There are occasions when you just don’t have time to whip up a batch of cookies and dress it up. Nor is it always possible to find what you want at a quantity that is inexpensive That’s when I buy store bought cookies and flavor up.

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Fried Apples And Pecans

When you’re a Yankee reared by a southern woman, you learn to fry apples. My grandmother’s version was a very simple one. That’s where I start on this recipe. Then I added brandy and pecans. It’s quick and easy to make. And it’s the next best delicious dessert to hot apple pie and ice cream.

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Appetizer Idea—Wild Salmon Eggs And Cream Cheese

Wild salmon eggs (caviar) and cream cheese on toast points is an excellent appetizer for holidays, other events or just a self-indulging occasion.

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My Favorite Costco Snack

If you’re fortunate to live near a Costco food store, then you know how delicious the food is. Most weekdays they entice you to buy even more with lots of food tasting stations. This is especially true on the weekends when they seem to double the number of tasting stations. Often I come home with at least one food item that I had tasted. This was true for their cranberry walnut round bread which is normally available during the Christmas holiday season.

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Ginger Sugar Walnut

This ginger sugar walnut is delicously sweet with just a touch of ginger spice to excite the palate. Serve as an appetizer, on a cheeseboard or as a snack.

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Jumbo Pumpkin Creme Cheese Muffin

These jumbo pumpkin cream cheese muffins are 4 inches across the top!! They’re very moist with a perfect sweetness, pumpkin flavor completed with soft texture of the cream cheese filling. Serve as quick breakfast with fruits and coffee or as a snack.

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My Copy-Cat Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff

What's special about a Wisconsin State Fair cream puff?  It's extra large puff pastry and cold pile-high whip cream.  I was able to find a couple of recipes on the internet for the cream puff.  And that's what you'll find here, a melding of the two recipes with some tweaking on its preparation.

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Peach Cobbler

When you're a yankee reared by a southern woman, one of the many dishes you must learn how to make is peach cobbler.  It's most often served with homemade vanilla ice cream.  Family picnics always ended with the magical moment of eating peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream--memory making moments that last a lift time.

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Guacamole With Sundried Tomatoes

Gaucamole is a popular and most delicious dip for any occasion!  Adding sundried tomatoes to gaucamole amazingly lifts an already exciting flavor. 

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How To Build An Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cream Sundaes are a favorite summer dessert.  They're versatile, fun to make, appetite please and just down right delicious.  In my life, anytime is . . . .

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Mango Strawberries Cream Cheese Crostata

First, I must say I love a crostata.  And I confess that's because they're easy to make, they have a rustic carefree presentation, and most important, they're delicious.  The filling in this one is a cream cheese, not too sweet with a brighten flavor from lemon zest.

If you're not into making your own crust, not a problem.  Just purchase a premade pie dough and you're all set to throw together a wonderful crostata.

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Molten Lava Cake With Grand Marnier Liqueur

Chocolate molten lava cakes are simply divine and quite easy to make.  This one, made with Grand Marnier liqueur, is particularly delicious.  Served with ice cream, raspberries, and a cup of java, it is the perfect ending to a wonderful meal. 

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Easy Ginger Pear Crostata

When looking for a quick dessert, I like turning to this Easy Ginger Pear Tart.  There are so many variations on it that I most often just purchase fresh bosc pears, a ready made pie crust and the rest is right out of the pantry and fridg. 

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The Making of Small Cheese And Meat Boards

Beautiful cheese boards with their abundance of food items, color and textures are visual feasts.  You just wants to dive in and taste as many flavors as possible.  Such cheese boards are very large and relegated only to be enjoyed by a large group of people for special occasions. 

I make cheese and meat boards for guests or when I need something to take to a party.  But I also make them when I don't feel like cooking and just want to relax and munch.  Sometimes I make a cheese board when I want to make myself feel special. The making of a small cheese and meat board is easier than you may think.

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Peach Raisin Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is an old fashion dessert that saved many old breads.  My grandmother saved the ends and edges of white bread, they were the parts I hated.  She never told me that children were starving in other parts of the world when I had complained.  She simply made bread pudding rich with spices, milk and eggs--which I greedily ate!

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How To Pan Grill Peaches

Learn how to easily remove pits from and then how to pan grill peaches.

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Honey Blue Cheese Stuffed Endives

This honey blue cheese spread offers a sweet and salty flavor tamed by cream cheese.  A little crunch is added with the walnuts and the endives.  The endives also provide a perfect foil with its sweet but gentle bitter taste.  

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Sausage Cheese Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers
Olive Muffalata Stuffed Hard-Boiled Eggs

Wanting a different take on the classic stuffed hard-boiled eggs, I rummaged through my refrigerator (door wide open!) and spied a jar of olive muffalata.  

If you are not sure of what is olive muffalata, it's a spicy (just a little) pickled olives--and so very delicious!  You can purchase it in the grocery store in a jar, online or the grocery store deli.

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Orange And Berries Shortcake