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Pan Grilled Scallops And Lemon Fettuccine

Making this grilled scallops with lemony fettuccine dish is a great way to cook together.  If cooking alone, it's fun challenge with great flavors to reward you for your efforts.  Whether you're cooking together or alone, just add a bottle of wine and your favorite music!  

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Making Stuffed Pasta Shells for One

First, making stuffed pasta shells for one does follow a full recipe for more than one.  The magic, trick or just being smart and economical is to freeze some of it in multiple containers.

I made a prosciutto, spinach and cheese stuffed jumbo pasta shell.  A larger dish is made to share with a friend or simply have leftovers.  Then two smaller containers are filled with the pre-baked stuffed pasta shells and placed in the freezer.

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Beef Stroganoff With Black Garlic
Penne Pasta And Prosciutto Salad