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Pumpkin Pie Coconut Smoothie

You don’t have to wait for pumpkin season to roll around to enjoy a pumpkin pie coconut smoothie!! I seldom visit the canned areas of a grocery store but to make this smoothie, I gladly shop from the canned section. I like to use pure pumpkin and canned coconut milk that . . .

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New Orleans Style Bloody Mary

I'm so very excited to offer this recipe for a New Orleans style Bloody Mary by James Gaffney.  He shares a wonderful brief history on the Bloody Mary.  If you love a good Bloody Mary like I do, make it--you're in for a delectable adventure. 

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How To Make A Tequila Sunrise - Group Effort

How to make a tequila sunrise coctail is easy peasy!!  This post, however, is also Part I for Ladies Grill for Breakfast (But Ate At Lunch!)  Or rather, they didn't get to eat until lunch, after a few disasters!!

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Watermelon Martini

Welcome home.  It's the end of the day, possibly even a long commute, you just walked into your apartment and you're ready to 'get real.'  That is, relax.

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Lemon Mango Smoothie

What's not to love in a smoothie, especially on a warm spring or summer day!  Well, you can pucker up for this one with fresh lemon juice, mangos . . .

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Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas For One

Dining alone for Thanksgiving this year?  So am I.  And I shall enjoy my Thanksgiving Dinner to the max with my girl, Susie, a Portuguese water dog.

My Thanksgiving dinner menu depends on how I feel and is often based on one of three basic menus that I follow or alter.  Here are the three menus to inspire you.  Follow a menu or make a substitution with your own favorites. Most important is to just have fun!!   

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Witch's Brew Martini

Celebrate Halloween with this Witch's Brew Vodka Martini. 
It will blow your witch socks off!! 
But you can keep them on by heavily munching on a
cheese and fruit tray idea.

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Three-Fruit Extra-Thick Smoothie

This recipe is all about summer harvested peaches and strawberries.  A banana pumps in more flavor. Lemon juice brightens the taste and honey carries a gentle sweetness.  This extra thick smoothie is topped with chai seeds  You may need a spoon to get those last drops of the smoothie.

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