Cooking & Living in Small Spaces with Style

Gazpacho-Like Salad

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If you love the flavor of chilled gaspacho soup but don't really have the time to make it, just quickly chop and mix together the fresh summer vegetables found in your favorite gaspacho. Chill it.  Serve as a side salad or main dish with fresh bread and a nice salty ham.  I chose freshly baked Italian Paesono bread and prosciutto.  

No-Flour Pan Fried Pork Chops, Gravy and Vegetables

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I've found that a fresh, well-seasoned pork chop with just salt and pepper and paprika, than seared and simmered in chicken broth is just as delicious.  The vegetables are first sauteed in olive oil and butter, after which the pork chops are introduced to the left over oil and butter.  A wonderful gravy is made with chicken stock.  All the ingredients come together at the end, simmering for just a few minutes.    

Peach Cobbler

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When you're a yankee reared by a southern woman, one of the many dishes you must learn how to make is peach cobbler.  It's most often served with homemade vanilla ice cream.  Family picnics always ended with the magical moment of eating peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream--memory making moments that last a lift time.

Guacamole With Sundried Tomatoes

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Gaucamole is a popular and most delicious dip for any occasion!  Adding sundried tomatoes to gaucamole amazingly lifts an already exciting flavor. 

Pan Roasted Italian Sausages And Vegetables With Rosemary

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Fresh butcher-made Italian sausages, hot and regular, add the key flavors for this dish.  I found these fresh butcher-made Italian sausages to have little fat compared to pre-packaged Italian sausages by popular brands.  Yet, the butcher-made Italian sausages were filled with spices and flavors. 

How To Make A Tequila Sunrise - Group Effort

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How to make a tequila sunrise coctail is easy peasy!!  This post, however, is also Part I for Ladies Grill for Breakfast (But Ate At Lunch!)  Or rather, they didn't get to eat until lunch, after a few disasters!!

Faux Chicago-Style Hot Dog

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If you can't get to Chicago for this famous hot dog and you can't find all of the right ingredients, then fake it!!

How To Build An Ice Cream Sundae

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Ice Cream Sundaes are a favorite summer dessert.  They're versatile, fun to make, appetite please and just down right delicious.  In my life, anytime is . . . .

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

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There are many other ways to prepare these small 2-3 inch long potatoes but roasting really entensifies their nutty buttery flavor. And it's easy to prepare

Homemade Lemon Curd

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Ever wanted to enjoy the refreshing tart taste of lemon curd right out of the jar?  You are not alone.  You can buy in the grocery store or just make it yourself.  It's easy to make.  Most important is that you can add to so many foods.

Coleslaw With Napa Cabbage

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Coleslaw is an old Dutch cabbage salad that is normally served with a vinagrete.  I've taken the . . . .

How To Cook A Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

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Grill it, sautee it and finish in the oven.  So easy to make for such a delicious reward to enjoy.

Very Cheesy Spinach Pie

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This spinach pie is loaded with lots of feta and Romona cheeses then wrapped in phyllo dough sheets.

Creamy Swiss Cheese Sauce

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This creamy Swiss cheese sauce is a great way to layer flavor on any vegetable dish.  I love it because it's easy and so quick to make.

Pan Grilled Scallops And Lemon Fettuccine

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Making this grilled scallops with lemony fettuccine dish is a great way to cook together.  If cooking alone, it's fun challenge with great flavors to reward you for your efforts.  Whether you're cooking together or alone, just add a bottle of wine and your favorite music!  

Watermelon Martini

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Welcome home.  It's the end of the day, possibly even a long commute, you just walked into your apartment and you're ready to 'get real.'  That is, relax.

Lemon Mango Smoothie

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What's not to love in a smoothie, especially on a warm spring or summer day!  Well, you can pucker up for this one with fresh lemon juice, mangos . . .

Easy Roasted Brussels Sprouts And Carrots

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My version of my aunt's brussels sprouts side dish is to roast it along with baby carrots, white pearl onions and lots of garlic and thyme.  I toss it in 100% olive oil, kosher salt and black pepper.  Then I top it with a simple Swiss cheese sauce.  In fact, this entire side dish is simple and easy to make--offering the rewards of a healthy side dish (or meal) with lots flavor.

Blackened Tuna Steaks With Mango Salsa

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Here, I've added a chilled mango salsa that wonderfully complements the spicy blackened seasoning.  The tuna is moist and tender, its flavor stands up admirably against the spice and sweetness.  This is one dish where I literally close my eyes and joyfully moan "hummm, so good." 

Shrimp Bacon Salad

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My shrimp and bacon salad is what I call a refrigerator raided salad:  standing in front of the refrigerator with door wide open deciding on something quick, easy and filling.  I always have a bag of shrimps in the freezer,  bacon in the fridge, and a bowl of lemons on the kitchen counter.  This is my quick, go-to salad.