Appetizer Idea—Wild Salmon Eggs And Cream Cheese

Wild salmon eggs and cream cheese appetizer

Wild salmon eggs and cream cheese appetizer

Wild salmon eggs (caviar) and cream cheese on toast points is an excellent appetizer for holidays, other events or just a self-indulging occasion. The appetizer is easy to assemble and fun to make. If it’s for an occasion, just be sure to have sufficient ingredients to cover for a lot pre-occasion tasting!

How to Assemble:


  • 2 ounces wild salmon egg (caviar)

  • Cream cheese, soft

  • Thinly sliced white bread

  • Optional: butter to cover the toast

  • Ideas for garnish: snips of Italian parsley, chives or the green stem portion of the spring onions.

  • Wedges of fresh lemon


Toast the white bread. (I had used a toaster because I was making a few for my “self-indulging” moment. And yes, it was great!) If you’re making a lot of appetizers, say for guests, it’s better to cut off the edge first. Cover with butter, if you choose to do so. (I didn’t add butter). Then cut the bread from opposite corners to create the triangles, place on a sheet pan, and under a broiler until toaster Note if you toast the bread first, sometimes the corners of the triangle will break off when you add the cream cheese.

Top the toasted bread points with a dollop of cream cheese then the wild salmon eggs. Garnish with your choice of herbs or the green onion. Serve with fresh lemon wedges..


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