Kitchen Scavenger Cocktail

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So what’s a Scavenger Kitchen Cocktail, you may ask? It’s one of those concoctions you make when you just stand in the kitchen thirsty for something different and fun. I rummaged through the refrigerator, the pantry and the bar. And this is what I came up with.

The Recipe
Serves One


1 Maraschino cherry
1 scoop of Lemon Sorbet
1 ounce Crème de cacao
Brown sugar for garnish


This is soooo easy. Drop the Maraschino cherry in the bottom of the martini glass. Add the lemon sorbet, being careful to leave just a little room between the sorbet and the cherry. Make a slight indent in the top of the sorbet and pour in the Crème de cacao . Garnish with brown sugar.

A wonderful option would be to substitute the lemon sorbet with vanilla ice cream or a vanilla bean sorbet. Start with a chilled cocktail glass. But if you can wait, allow the sorbet to melt just a bit before diving in with a spoon. I think this works best in martini glass.


kitchen scavenger cocktail-7491.jpg

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