How To Make A Tequila Sunrise - Group Effort

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How to make a tequila sunrise coctail is easy peasy!!  This post, however, is also Part I for Ladies Grill for Breakfast (But Ate At Lunch!)  Or rather, they didn't get to eat until lunch, after a few disasters!!  (Stay tuned for upcoming post.)

On to a successful Part I:  How To Make A Tequila Sunrise!

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First ingredients are a group of the best ladies who know how to have fun!  Then bring a bottle of Tequila reposso, grenadine, orange juice and lots of ice.  Don't forget the garnishes:  slices of oranges and Marachino cherries. 

  • Fill glass with lots of ice.

  • Add orange juice up to about 1" from the top ( or as much as you want)

  • Add 1 jig (1 ounce or more) of tequila reposse

  • Using a long spoon, stir generously.

Ladies Grill For Breakfast-3141.png
  • Pour grenadine syrup on top, preferably along the sides.

  • Garnish with a half slice(s) of orange and a Maraschino cherry with stem on.

Ladies Grill For Breakfast-3154.png


Tequila Sunrise No2-3343.png

Lookinig for an excuse to make another tequila sunrise two weeks after the Ladies Grill for Breakfast, I made this one.  Practice makes perfect! 

Tequila sunrise No2-3578.jpg

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