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How To Build An Ice Cream Sundae

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Ice Cream Sundaes are a favorite summer dessert.  They're versatile, fun to make, appetite please and just down right delicious.  In my life, anytime is a good time for an ice cream sundae.  They're great to make for one person, a family and even a party.  So what can you put in an ice cream sundae?  Everything but the kitchen sink!

The image above shows a two-scoop ice cream sundae.  Starting from the bottom up, the sundae includes blackberries; raspberries; two scoops of vanilla ice cream; homemade lemon curd (get the rescipe here); caramel ice cream syrup topping; chopped pistachios; lemon wafer cookies; and a marachino cherry.

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Containers, where to start and ingredients to inspire you

Almost any type of glass and bowl is suitable.  Here are some popular containers:  flutted glass; cocktail martini style glass; boat shapped style; wafer cups; and homemade brownie cup

You don't really have to purchase a special type of glass unless you want to.  If, however, you do purchase a flutted shaped glass, start with a syrup at the bottom.  Next, layer ice cream scoops alternating with a topping in between.  Or just pile the ice cream one on top of the other and end with toppings.

If you're using a bowl, whether it's a deep or shallow, start with the ice cream scoops.  Again, your options are to alternate with a topping in between scoops or simply pile scoops one on top of the other and end with lots of toppings. 

Ingredient ideas to inspire you:

Ice cream in a variety of flavors:  regular ice cream; low fat ice cream; frozen yogurt ice cream; or homemade ice cream
Fruits:  berries such as blueberries, black berries and strawberries; banana; cherries, especially at least one Maraschino cherry; peaches; pineapple chunks or crushed
Nuts:  cashews; pistachios; pecans; walnuts; roasted and smoked nuts
Cookies:  wafers; oreos; pirouettes; graham crackers
Snacks:  caramel popcorn, pretzels; marshmellows (toast them for even more flavor and visual interest)
Fruit Preserves:  lemon curd; orange marmalade; strawberries
Syrups:  Caramel; chocolate; raspberry
Cake Sprinklers: chocolate; mixed color sprinklers
Candy:  chocolate chips; candy sticks such as peppermint and swirls; m&m; gummy bears; chocolate mint wafers; whatever makes you happy
Whip Cream or Meringue

Two of my favorite homemade toppings are from my own recipe archive:

Get Personal!  Serve an Ice Cream Sundae Built for Two!

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So get personal and build an ice cream sundae that two or more can share, such as the jumbo fruity ice cream sundae above.  What's in it?  Hummm.  I started with 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream on the first layer and streamed chocolate syrup ice cream topping.  Then I added another layer of three scoops of vanilla ice cream plus more streams of chocolate syrup.  On top of that I started adding layers of fruits on and all around it:  pineapples, black berries, and raspberries.  The next layer has two scoops of strawberry sorbet.  Sliced strawberries were added, then came broken and whole pecans nuts,  The final touches included two wafer cookies, two pirouettes and streams of caramel syrup topping.

Or create a something like a Chocolate Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae Cocktail served in a martini glass

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae4-2487.jpg

This ice cream sundae starts with a layer of caramel syrup, then topped with a chocolate ice cream scoop.  Chocolate syrup is mixed with a little brandy, then layered on the first scoop.  Smoked salty chopped almonds are spread around the second scoop on top of the overflow of brandy and chocolate syrup.  A final scoop of chocolate ice cream is added and then smootered with another layer of chocolate syrup. 

A marachino cherry finishes the three scoops of chocolate ice cream.  But wait, it's not finished.  One chocolate hazelnut-filled pirouette is added.  (I have a confession to make.  This image was my third try; still, I forgot to add one more ingredient--the chocolate sprinklers!!  Wanna' give this a try?  Don't forget the chocolate sprinklers!) 


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