Holiday Small Appetizer Tray Idea


Assembling an appetizer tray is almost as much fun as sampling its delicious treats. Many appetizer trays are designed to host a large group of people. If, however, you’ve read some of my other posts, you know I focus on small appetizer trays and small cheese and meat boards. I call it the wonderful perks of small space living. I find that I tend to explore and experiment more when I’m making selections for a small appetizer tray and cheese board, as I did in the holiday small appetizer tray above.

Most likely this doesn’t need to be said but I will anyway—to be sure we’re all on the same page. When designing a holiday or even a special occasion, include theme elements. Here I used artificial white-tipped Christmas trees, silver reindeer tea candles, and an assortment of pine cones and logs. The entire spread sits on a bed of artificial sparkling snow made of 100% polyester fiber.

Ingredients in this Holiday Small Appetizer Tray

  • Wheat crackers, plain cream cheese, smoked salmon (capers are optional)

  • Small sections of toasted everything bagel, blue cheese and rosemary baked ham

  • Fresh Raspberry

  • Ginger sugar walnuts (Takes less than 10 minutes make, find this easy recipe here.)

Substitute or add complementary flavors of other cheese, fruits, crackers or bread. The choices are, of course, almost endless but here are some other possibilities:

  • Replace the blue cheese with a herb-flavored butter to spread on the bagel. You can easily make your own. Just allow the butter to soften, mix in your favorite herb, preferably fresh but dry will do as well. Refrigerate the butter and allow the herbs to saturate it.

  • Rather than everything bagle, use a cheese bagel.

  • Use fresh strawberries, blackberries or seedless grapes in place of the raspberries.



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What’s your favorite appetizers?