5 Comfort Foods For Cool Weather

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Comfort food:  Consoles.  Gives a feeling of well-being.  Provokes nostalgic memories of happy times.  Whether it's sugar or carbohydrates, with the arrival of cool weather, comfort food can warm the body.

As I rummaged through my recipes looking for a dish to counter the cool evenings, I thought to share some of my favorite comfort foods. Here are five of them:


Corn Chowder With Sun-Dried Tomatoes And Bacon

Corn Chowder In a Pot-3747.jpg

Anytime of the year is a good time for a hearty corn chowder!  But it seems particularly tasty in the fall as we adjust to cool days and nights. This corn chowder is seasoned with crispy bacon, extra sharp cheddar cheese and then spiked with bits of sun-dried tomatoes. 


Twice Baked Potato Stuffed With Shrimp And Blue Cheese

twice baked potatoes-V3-FG-019.jpg

I use to cook this twice baked potato stuffed with shrimp and blue cheese as a side dish only during the Christmas holidays.  But it became such a favorite with guests--and myself, that I now make it any time of the year and as a main coarse served with a side salad.


Sausage Beans Roasted Vegetable Soup

SausageBeans Roasted Vegie Soup2-2459.jpg

What makes this sausage, beans and roasted vegetable soup so delicious?  Red bell peppers, tomatoes and garlic are roasted, then blended with a vegetable broth and seasoned with a herb bouquet garni--creating a beautifully rich yet subtle flavor-filled soup base.  Sweet Italian sausage and a Vidalia onion add a layer of sweetness and texture along with cannellini beans.


Roasted Pecorino Cheese Chicken Drumsticks

029 Parmesan Chicken Drumpsticks-on platter V3-Display-0007.jpg

Roasted Pecorino cheese chicken drumsticks is a tasty, flavor-filled is a wonderful alternative to fried chicken.  I confess, I start eating these tasty cheesy drumstick while piping hot, right out of the oven--meaning some of them do not make it to the table!


White Chilli With Salsa

White Chili with Salsa

White Chili with Salsa

This white chili recipe is spicy with a hot salsa, then mellowed a bit with Monterrey Jack cheese. Ground chicken and cannellini beans are the main ingredients, making this a delicious chili alternative to the classic ground beef and red beans.



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