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Perhaps, Had He Brought Me Flowers

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Forgive me, this is not exactly a post about a relationship between two people. It’s a post about our relationships with flowers or just a flower. As some one once said, “flowers are the sunshine to our souls.” There are so many beautiful and natural things in the world to admire and swoon over. Flowers are one of them. The nicest part is that you don’t really need a lot of space or even a lot of money to enjoy flowers and bring some sunshine to your soul.

In my small apartment, hardly a week goes by when I don’t bring home fresh flowers, a bouquet or even a single flower. In this post, if you are not already doing so, I hope to inspire you to do the same.

In my mind, a single flower can touch the heart and alter one’s mood. A single flower in a glass jar or small vase is casual and homey.

Seems some one was out picking Queen Anne Lace flowers! Have fun and group several small vases each with a single flower, then place them on the window sill.

Casa Blanca Lilly 050.png

Wanna’ learn more about prolonging the life of cut flowers? See my post on 15 Fragrant Flowers And How To Prolong Their Cut Life

A small bouquet of flowers of the same type can make a big impact.

Garage sales and second hand stores are a great place to find vases to introduce that “country like” feel, particularly in a shabby chic or very casual decor.

The usual place to display flowers is on the dining table. But there are so many other great locations.

Display a bouquet of flowers on a coffee table:

Wake up to a flower or bouquet of flowers placed on a night table.

In Summary

Small space living is the perfect space for bringing in a “sunshine” to your soul! Even the smallest budget deserves at least a single flower in a vase. Many grocery stores and farmers markets carry flowers, making them inexpensive.


With Pink Rose-7899.jpg

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Create Wall Drama Part II: Decals And Wall Paper

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Rosella Mural from   Anthropologie

Rosella Mural from Anthropologie

This is Part II on ideas to create a wall that has drama, focusing on using wallpaper and decals, both as permanent and removable applications. The first post on how to create a dramatic wall was Dramatize A Focal Wall With Modern Quilt Wall Hangings.

Imagine walking into a room where the focal point is a wall that commands your attention and excites your emotions. Imagine being caressed by colors and the details of familiar and unfamiliar patterns blown up to life size. These new designs are so exciting and easy to achieve. And what’s even more exciting is that applying these new designs can be made temporary, as well as permanent. Removable decals and wallpaper are perfect for renters, and yes even for small spaces. Drawn from nature and the world of abstract, designs are seemingly endless. Here are just some examples and vendors that offer many options to create a dramatic wall via the following:

  • Wallpaper that requires an adhesive application

  • Removable wallpaper

  • Removable decals

Wallpaper that requires an adhesive

The image above shows a beautifully abstract floral pattern in soft colors. It is wallpaper and does require an adhesive application and comes in five panels. Sold by Anthropologie, the design “is the work of two sisters from Vancouver. They design vibrant wallpaper and wall art inspired by their love for the French countryside and all things vintage.”

Sold by Miss Lolo from New Zealand, the larger-than-life-size peony design below comes as a pre-pasted non-toxic wallpaper. It’s also flame resistant and is described as easy to apply, as well as easy to remove. Amazingly, the company can customize the mural to your requirements.

Peony by Helen Bankers   source

Peony by Helen Bankers source

Below are just two examples of the large collections, 50 stock images in six different styles, wallpapers offered by Murals Wallpaper UK. The company offers wonderful options for getting just what you want. You can use your own image or theirs. The wallpaper is produced to fit your measurements. A proof is provided before you buy. And then there is the option to order one of three different weights, light, medium, and heavy.

Misty Forest Wallpaper   Murals Wallpapers UK

Misty Forest Wallpaper Murals Wallpapers UK

World Map Wallpaper   Murals Wallpaper UK

World Map Wallpaper Murals Wallpaper UK

Removable wallpaper

Removable wallpaper offers an excellent option for renters to jazz of a wall, take it down and reinstall whether on another wall in the same apartment or to the next resident. One such example as shown below was made by Coloray. The company offers custom hand made “peel and stick” wallpaper in several floral and abstract ink-stain designs.

Ink splatter removable wallpaper by   Coloray   on Etsy

Ink splatter removable wallpaper by Coloray on Etsy

Removable wallpaper from Coloray

Removable wallpaper from Coloray

Removable decals

Removable decals is another great option for renters to add drama to their walls. These removable decals are much less expensive than removable wallpaper. Vendors offer a vast collection of designs but it’s important to note if these removable decals are also reusable.

Wall Tat offers a wonderful wide collection of decal designs and particularly for ceilings. I love this design idea because it can disguise those cheap ugly ceiling lights too often found in apartments!

Calligraphic Ceiling Art Decal from   Wall

Calligraphic Ceiling Art Decal from Wall

Wordy Bird Studio offers “made to order” decals in 84 designs (including word designs) with matte finish colors. The decals can also be cut out to fit your desired placement, such as shown in the design below.

From   Wordy Bird Studio  , soft pink floral reusable decal

From Wordy Bird Studio, soft pink floral reusable decal

In Summary

  • Wallpaper, removable wallpaper and decals will easily allow you to create that “wow” factor found in wall drama. The designs are vast and some vendors even allow you to create your own design.

  • Some removable wallpapers are also reusable; however, wallpaper and removable wallpaper can be expensive and require more effort to apply.

  • The classic non-removable wallpaper requires adding an adhesive element to the wall and may be best accomplished by using a professional.

  • Removable decals are available in a vast array of designs, letterings, and styles. Many designs can be cut out and altered to fit positioning.

  • Removable wallpaper and decals are easier to apply because they come as self-adhesive.

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